Blenders for Smoothies

Blenders for Breakfast Smoothies

Blenders come in many different styles and sizes, as well as price ranges. Like everything in life just remember you get what you pay for. There are a few things to consider when finding the blender for you, first decide on what it is going to be used for. For our purposes here on the site we will be of course be mainly making smoothies. Grinding and blending ice, fruit, veggies, liquids and powders. With that in mind here are some things to look for in your blender:

  • Motor Speed. The higher it is, the more uses you will have for your appliance.
  • Small opening. Aside from the main cover, choose something that has an additional small opening that is tube like at its top. This will make it easier for you to add ingredients to the mix while the blending process is going on.
  • A pusher will also be good. This should fit the small opening. This will act as a way for you to be able to push larger items to the mix while keeping your hand safe.
  • Pulse button. Aside from the usual list of the speeds available for your machine, there should be a pulse button.
  • Touch pad. You may already be used with the raised buttons that blenders have as a control of the speed. But a touch pad will prove to be more convenient to use as well as clean. Placing your blender’s parts it the dishwasher is safe. But you can opt to hand wash the blades to keep it at its peak shape.
  • Power ability. This is why it is important that you know how you are going to use your appliance before you buy. This way, you can ask for the power generated piece that can perform the tasks according to your needs. A full sized processor, for example, would have at least 600 watts.
  • Accessories. Ask for the accessories that come with your chosen blender. Make sure that you understand all the attachments so that you will be utilize everything to their full capacity. This way, you can also have additional ideas of how can you use your blender further. Or if you are paying for things you will never use.
  • Capacity. Larger ones being better as you only have to blend once for many servings. Also look for ones that are larger at top and slim down like a V to the base. This allows the food to cycle from top to bottom for a better blend.

You should also look at the overall construction. Your blender will take a lot of abuse if you use it as much as I do and you want it to last. Look at the warranty offered as well, this can be an indication on how long they are expected to last. Most will be your typical one year, while some offer 2 years and then there is the Vitamix with its 7 year warranty.


Vitamix Blender for Breakfast Smoothies

Vitamix Blender for Breakfast Smoothies

While we will review and show other blenders on the site. I will state right here that the best you can buy is the Vitamax. When you first look at it and see the price you may start thinking “how can a blender be worth that much $$”, trust me it is. First thing you have to do is look at that warranty, a full 7 years. This means they expect it to last under normal household use for that time. You would could buy 2-4 other brand blenders in that time frame. It is also a very powerful and efficient blender, one that you could just put the whole fruit in there to save the time of cutting up.

Now you can click one of the vitamix banners to order yours and great free shipping! If you would rather call in your order be sure to give them my codeĀ 06-006466 and you will get the free shipping as well. Trust me you’ll be happy with this purchase. I went with the ‘Super package’ as it comes with a second shorter container with a dry cutting blade.