Acai Antioxidant Blast

acaijuiceAcai berries are found and grown in South America and have been dubbed the new super food. The best benefit of this berry is its high antioxidant value, apparently  more than any other berry or fruit. While I havent actually seen the berry in any stores you can buy the juice. Sambazon makes a nice one that I found at Costco recently. It does contain a bit of Agave in it though. I mention that because there are arguments as to how healthy it is. I figure right now its such a small amount (and the only source of it I would get) that its ok, personally I dont recommend it as a sweeter. Sambazon also makes a frozen smoothie pack of just Acai berry puree.

Well anyway with blueberries (another rich antioxidant berry) this smoothie may even make you age backwards (disclaimer: there is no medical evidence of this, but it does taste good!)

1 cup of acai berry juice
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 banana (for creamy texture)
1 cup of water (add as needed)

Blend for 30-60 seconds, add in flaxseed or protein powder if you wish and makes about 2 large glasses!

Have you tried Acai Berry yet? Let me know what you think of the smoothie!