Super size it please – When buying frozen does pay

I need to back track on my post ‘Freeze you own fruits and save‘ as sometimes it can be more economical to buy fruits pre-frozen. I made a trip to Costco last week and made a discovery. I know many of you most likely already knew about this but maybe some havent and will appreciate this. First I found a 6lb bag of strawberries from kirkland. This bag was about $9.00 if I remember correctly. Now compare this to buying 3 baskets at the farmers market which we were paying about $7 I believe. It no where comes close to the size of this bag and the bag had all prime berries (loved the smell coming from the bag every time I opened it).

I also found a 5lb bag of blueberries by Northwest Origins for about the same price. A package of blueberries at the local health food store runs about $3 a basket and again 3 baskets come no where close to 5lbs. These were large and juicy blueberries as well, very tasty. I also purchased a bag of mango chunks but I think its about break even on them, could go either way.

For those not in the know, Costco is our big warehouse store. You know the one where you can get 1000 rolls of toilet paper, or a case of a dozen toothpaste tubes. Well if you have one in your area it may be worth it to join and check them out. Another bonus to mine is I save over $30 a month on prescriptions at their pharmacy.

Havent found any bags that can beat out freezing my own peaches yet. Currently .88 a pound at the market and that beats any frozen bag I have seen anywhere so far.

So look around and maybe you can find a similar deal in your neck of the woods and start saving some money.

Do you do any warehouse store shopping and do you buy your fruits there?

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